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There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Become a Member!

We are accepting new members.

Basic membership is $25 a year and gets you discounted fees for our events, lets you into exclusive events and gets you a discount and priority for merchant, entertainment and demonstration space at our events.

Add 20 volunteer hours before April and camp, eat and drink for free at the Dragon Unchained event. 20 more hours before the Heroes' Harvest event gets you set for that one, too! 40 hours a year also gets you the right to vote on what TMCLH does!

Don't have the $25? Commit to volunteering the 40 hours this year and the fee is waived, commit to 100 hours and the fee is waived and you get your vote. Pay the fee and break the 100 hours anyway...good stuff!

Need other options, let us know. We also have options for Member Guilds.  Check out the "Guilds" page here on TMCLH for more information.

For more information, contact us at membership@thundermountainhistory.org