Our Motto:


There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Do you have a Guild or re-enactment group?  Would you like to join TMCLH or participate in one of our events?  If so, then contact us at guilds@thundermountainhistory.org.  You don't have to join to participate as a Guest Guild or Guest Group.  There are advantages to becoming a Member Guild in good standing:

  • Space for your Guild/Group to camp, perform and demonstrate at our events, including the right to conduct concessions (paid participation by patrons.)
  • A FREE merchant space at our Faires to either sell goods from or sublet to another for your own profit (merchant must still adhere to overal guidelines and acceptance.)
  • A seat and vote on the Policy Advisory Board/Guildmaster's Round Table, if your Guild/Group is in good standing by paying the yearly $100 Member Guild Fee and completing both the 40 volunteer hours as a Guild/Group per year and the 20 volunteer hours per event participated in. (Hours by individual members of TMCLH who belong to your Guild/Group needed for their own hours will not count towards these needs.)
  • A symbol of your Guild/Group will be added to the TMCLH crest after three years in good standing.
  • Your Guild/Group members will be eligible to become officers and/or Dragon-Heads of TMCLH

If you want instead to just be a visiting Guest Guild/Group at one of our events, please contact us and we will be happy to see what we can do on a first come, first serve basis. Guest Guilds/Groups will be considered and approved by the Director. Guest Guilds/Groups, if approved, will receive encampment space and demonstration space.  If a Guest Guild/Group wants to have a merchant, busk, concessioneer or perform, they will have to be approved by the Director for those things. You can contact the Director, John Harvey, at (970) 497-6587 or email him at dragon@thundermountainhistory.org

Member Guilds/Groups and Guest Guilds/Groups will both have access to the free food and drink at The Brass Cock Tavern Inn Yard during events, but we would ask you to help out with donations of material, money or labor to help the Inn Iard which benefits everyone.